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Addressing Gaps in the establishment of an ASEAN Consumer Protection Framework Phase I

Status: Ongoing.

This project supports implementation of the ASEAN Strategic Action Plan on Consumer Protection 2016-2025 (ASAPCP). It is in line with the need to develop a common ASEAN Consumer Protection Framework, which is Goal 1 in the ASAPCP. While this project will not support the establishment of the framework itself, it will address urgent legal, capacity and awareness gaps that hinder AMS from establishing such framework. Outputs produced through this project include:

  • The ASEAN High Level Principles for Consumer Protection (AHLP) provides direction for a broad framework on consumer protection for ASEAN. The Principles also provide a consistent context for ASEAN laws and arrangements and, in so doing, promote a common base level of cooperation and exchange of experiences and best practices. The AHLP was adopted in 2017;
  • Teaching Tools to Apply Good Consumer Protection Practices in 6 Priority Sectors. The teaching tools was completed in 2018;
  • Capacity Building Road Map 2020-2025; and
  • ASEAN Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) Guidelines.

This project is expected to conclude in 2021.

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