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Duties and Responsibilities

  1. Lead identification, preparation, initiation, and implementation of projects pertaining to AADCP II work streams. This includes development of terms of reference/ scope of work, procurement, and implementation oversight as well as development/drafting of reports for projects that are not contracted to implementers.
  2. Provide technical and management support for ASEAN project design and implementation, which includes:
    • Facilitating meetings with ASEC desk officers in identifying and developing project concepts, and prepare
      project concepts and proposals accordingly;
    • Facilitating meetings among ASEC key personnel and AADCP II team on the initial stage of the activities and further steps to be undertaken;
    • Assisting relevant ASEC desk officers in the preparation stage of the activities i.e. development of project
      proposals, terms of reference, project costing, procurement (including bid review and tender assessment), contracting, etc;
    • Providing guidance to project stakeholders, including ASEC desk officers and project implementers to ensure common understanding and expectations;
    • Providing guidance for the selected consultants/organisations in consultation with relevant ASEC desk officers prior to the commencement of the activities;
    • Coordinating and liaising with the selected consultants/organisations to conduct their tasks, monitor progress of the tasks, development of reports and its finalisation which may involve proofing, redrafting, assessing progress against project milestones (inception, draft, and final reports) and organizing meetings/ forums/ workshops;
    • Proactively identify ways to enhance project sustainability, visibility and dissemination of project outputs/ benefits;
    • Identify practical measures to incorporate gender equality and social inclusion in the design, implementation and monitoring of AADCP II projects.
  3. Proactively build and maintain effective, collegial and harmonious work relationships with ASEAN desk officers, ASEAN Member State representatives and other stakeholders;
  4. Maintain appropriate and consolidated electronic and hard copy records of documents related to AADCP II
  5. Provide substantive inputs and technical support to AADCP II reporting, monitoring and evaluation (M&E) to
    various stakeholders;
  6. Prepare communications pieces on project results and activities to disseminate project information to various
    AADCP II and ASEAN stakeholders;
  7. Provide technical and operational support to the AADCP II Program Director through the Program Coordinator.
  8. Other tasks at the request of the Program Director and Program Coordinator, as appropriate.

How to apply

Send your application to personnel@aadcp2.org highlighting your suitability and potential contribution to the position together with a detailed CV.

Please indicate on the subject heading: Application for PPMSU Senior Project Officer AADCP II.

Application documents should reach AADCP II by 18 September 2020. The Selection Committee’s decision is final and only shortlisted candidates will be notified.



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