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The ASEAN Secretariat (ASEC) was established in February 1976 by the Foreign Ministers of ASEAN. Currently staffed with about 370 people, the mission of ASEC is to initiate, facilitate and coordinate ASEAN stakeholder collaboration in realizing the purposes and principles of ASEAN as reflected in the ASEAN Charter.

ASEC is the delegated central repository of all ASEAN documents. Over the years, many documents including legal instruments, agreements, protocols, blueprints, plan of actions etc. have been adopted and concluded by ASEAN. Although there has been an accumulation of documents, no corresponding Knowledge and Document Management System has been developed to effectively and efficiently retrieve, share and distribute information/knowledge to both internal and external stakeholders.

ASEC is currently in the process of designing and developing a Knowledge and Document Management System (KDMS) and establishing a KM Core Team to manage the to-be-established KDMS. The roles of KM Core Team include:

  • Publishing and storing all approved, validated document in the system
  • Developing KM strategy, policy and SOPs;
  • Conducting inventory of ASEC existing information artifacts and quality control of contents in KDMS;
  • Designing incentive and promoting the culture of knowledge sharing in ASEC; and
  • Developing and executing overall ASEC KM strategy including transforming information into knowledge.

Therefore, the ASEAN Secretariat is seeking qualified candidate to apply for the position of Knowledge Management Advisor to support its KM Core Team in carrying out their assigned tasks effectively. This position is supported by the ASEAN-Australia Development Cooperation Program Phase II (AADCP II) as part of the program’s commitment to strengthen the ASEAN Secretariat.

Tasks and Activities

Under the overall guidance of the Deputy Secretary-General for Community and Corporate Affairs Department (DSG CCAD) and direct supervision of the Director of Corporate Affairs Directorate (DIR CAD), the Knowledge Management Advisor is part of the KM Core Team. KM Advisor will be responsible for fostering and managing relations with both the internal and external stakeholders on the knowledge and document management services, as well as advising ASEC in matters related KM as necessary.

The KM Advisor shall perform the following tasks:

I. KM Capacity Building

  • Work closely with the KM Core Team to ensure that the systems are mainstreamed throughout ASEC in systematic and appropriate process;
  • Provide training and coaching to the KM Core Team members on strategic KM framework and standards so that ASEC is able to achieve and maintain KM maturity level;
  • Help promote knowledge sharing across all ASEC Departments;
  • Liaise with KM Function Team, staff members and stakeholders to ensure that KDMS will be fully utilized;
  • Provide policy advice related to KM;
  • Provide inputs and support in the design and delivery of KM training programmes;
  • Identify, analyze and prepare risk mitigation plan and manage anticipated resistance;

II. KM Policy and Strategy Development

  • Lead the development of corporate KM policy and document management sharing;
  • Provide substantive inputs to shape the development of KM strategy, standard and tools;
  • Contribute to relevant knowledge exchanges to promote KM objectives;
  • In collaboration with Information Technology and System Division (ITSD) and the to-be-selected consultancy firm, provide inputs in the design, architecture, and creation of essential infrastructure of KDMS;
  • Develop and implement ASEC Guideline on taxonomy and metadata schemas;
  • Prepare KM technical briefs, products and develop associated dissemination plans
  • Promote synergies of knowledge management, document management and communication across ASEC through collaboration with ASEC Key sponsors.

III. KM Core Team Performance Management

  • Provide substantive and managerial leadership to KM Core Team;
  • Provide guidance to KM Core Team in developing and implementing KM strategy and workplan;
  • Train and share the best practices from other organizations on how to promote culture of knowledge sharing to the KM Core Team; and
  • Lead in conducting inventory of ASEC existing information artifacts and quality control of
    contents in KDMS.

Perform other related duties as assigned by the Director of Corporate Affairs and/or Deputy Secretary-General Community & Corporate Affairs Department.

Qualifications and experience:

  • Advanced degree in Information Management, communication, Information technology, learning and development, or other relevant discipline with a concentration on how to fuse people, content, technology and process to facilitate learning in an organization;
  • At least 10 years’ experience in establishing an integrated knowledge management function in an international, multinational, or governmental organization/agency;
  • At least 8 years of progressively responsive, professional-level experience in knowledge management;
  • Sound knowledge and understanding of explicit and tacit knowledge;
  • Good analyzing skills and ability to tackle critical situations;
  • Ability to maintain constructive work relationships with all stakeholders;
  • Demonstrated capacity to translate complex data from multiple sources into a user friendly format to inform decision making;
  • Possess knowledge of external networks and partners in knowledge management and broad organizational knowledge;
  • Extensive hands-on, with proven experience in delivering results on knowledge management;
  • A proven professional credibility as well as senior level or higher working experience;
  • A solid understanding of how people go through a change and the change process
  • Knowledge of change management principles, methodologies and tools
  • Demonstrated experience in handling different types of KM systems/tools;
  • Ability to meet deadlines under extreme pressure, build consensus and work with diverse groups of people;
  • Exceptional communications and interpersonal skills, including written, verbal presentation, and facilitation skills applied within multi-cultural settings;
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills in English.

Submission of Application:

Send your application to asean.hr@asean.org highlighting your suitability and potential contribution to the position together with a detailed CV, certified true copies of educational certificates and transcript for Bachelor and Master degree, including PhD (if any), and complete ASEC Employment Application Form attached with recent photograph. Applications sent without ALL the documents mentioned above will NOT be considered.

Please indicate on the subject heading: Application for Knowledge Management Advisor.

Application documents should reach the ASEAN Secretariat by 2 October 2018. The Selection Committee’s decision is final and only shortlisted candidates will be notified.

Note : ASEC Employment Form can be downloaded at: www.asean.org/opportunities/asec-employment-form

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